Eco Thermal is a Saskatchewan-based company providing an innovative and affordable alternative to traditional insulation. Founders Jon and Bud Anderson have gained over 40 years of combined experience working in renovations, commercial & residential development and new home construction. After starting Eco Level, a polyurethane concrete levelling company, they decided to branch out into spray foam insulation. Having so much experience with polyurethane foam for concrete levelling, polyurethane spray foam insulation was a natural next step.

Eco Thermal is your professional source for polyurethane spray foam installation. We ensure efficiency and quality in the installation process by ensuring our employees have ongoing training on safety procedures and industry-leading techniques. Eco Thermal is your professional insulation contractor in Regina. If you are in need of insulation for a residential or commercial building, give us a call at 306-552-5438 or submit a request for an estimate.

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