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At Eco Thermal, we are experts in commercial insulation. When applied correctly, polyurethane spray foam insulation can save you money and time while helping you uphold your sustainability values. Spray foam insulation forms a continuous barrier that insulates and air seals wherever it's installed. It doesn't matter if you've got ductwork, cavities or other obstacles—spray foam insulation will easily fill every nook and cranny. Polyurethane spray foam is also very effective at soundproofing, keeping pests out, and spray foam insulation can improve your indoor air quality by reducing allergens. 
Spray foam insulations are fire-proof, decreasing the risk of insurance claims. As the best type of insulation on the market, it will help lower your energy bills. Polyurethane commercial spray foam insulation has been widely used in the construction of new stores, warehouses and office buildings for many decades. Few companies have the training, certification and experience to install complete air barrier systems in Canada, but Eco Thermal does! When you choose Eco Thermal to insulate your new or existing commercial building, you are choosing a company with practical first-hand experience with installing a 100% complete air-tight seal across the building envelope. If you're building a new structure or just in the planning process for an existing one—Eco Thermal can provide you with the best commercial insulation option to maintain proper temperatures at the lowest energy expense.

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